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Alfa Laval AquaTank is a range of domestic hot water storage vessels made of 316 stainless steel or enamel. Volumes: 125 - 4000L.

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AquaTank stainless steel 10 bar

  • Operating pressure: 10 barg
  • Volumes: 300 - 4000L
  • Energy saving insulation conform German regulations

AquaTank stainless steel 10 bar with heating coil

  • Operating pressure: 10 barg
  • Volumes: 125 - 1000L
  • Energy saving insulation conform German regulations

AquaTank enamel 7 bar 

  • Operating pressure: 7 barg
  • Volumes: 300 - 3000L
  • Energy saving insulation conform French regulations


The Alfa Laval AquaTank range is suitable for any collective building; apartement blocks, hospitals, nursery homes, hotels, schools and universities, leisure centres and can easily be connected to any collective tap water system as Alfa Laval AquaFirst, AquaEfficiency or AquaProtect.


AquaTank stainless steel  10 bar

  • Excellent quality
  • Very long lifetime
  • Extremely hygienic: no galvanic corrsosion
  • Energy saving insulations

AquaTank enamel 7 bar

  • Good value for money
  • Easy maintenance thanks to tanks' polished inside surface
  • High resistance to any chemicals
  • Easy to install 

This range can be configured and selected using the AlfaSelect selection tool. Please contact Alfa Laval for more information.

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