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Alfa Laval offers the leading range of energy-efficient hygienic agitators. They safeguard the quality of your end product, combining low-shear performance with uncompromising hygiene. Alfa Laval agitators are suited to a wide range of mixing and blending applications, including those that involve high-viscosity media or fibrous/abrasive ingredients.

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Agitators, rotary jet mixers or magnetic mixers

Agitation with substantial energy savings

Alfa Laval agitators take energy efficiency to new heights. Extensive fluid dynamics research has gone into our EnSaFoil impellers, whose blades require less energy input than those with conventional designs. The result: up to 80% lower energy costs for agitation, and significant environmental benefits. These energy savings mean that the agitator can pay for itself in a very short time – often less than 12 months.

High flow rate agitator

The energy-efficient impeller design also delivers exceptionally high flow rates. Furthermore, it enables slower rotational speeds without compromising pumping capacity.

Hygienic design

The design is flow optimized and crevice free, which helps to keep product from accumulating. The perfectly smooth shaft, which is detachable, even has its coupling positioned outside the tank.

Modular construction

Our agitators feature a modular design, which ensures you can achieve exactly the right setup for your particular tank arrangement. That means you avoid paying for unneeded components. The agitators can be precisely customized for specific duties and either top, bottom or side mounted. A wide range of configurations and impeller types are available to enhance energy efficiency.

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Energy saving fermentation agitator
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Energy saving fermentation agitator