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Data to boost energy efficiency

Up to 2.5% of global CO2 emissions can be prevented by running heat exchangers at optimal performance. Every year, the number of heat exchangers Alfa Laval services to optimize energy efficiency, saves our customers' power capacity by 50 GW. ​

Imagine what we could do if all industries serviced their plate heat exchangers to optimize heat transfer efficiency. Furthermore, what if the optimization evolves smarter and more digitalized.

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The Smart Heat Exchanger​

Alfa Laval Smart Heat Exchanger is an online connected service, proactive monitoring for Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers of all brands.

By simply attaching sensors on the equipment, and our dedicated analytics, we enable our customers to oversee current and future status through an online panel.​

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Enabling smart decisions

  • Conditioning Monitoring: provide insight on the thermal condition of the plates and mechanical condition of the gaskets.​
  • Predictive Maintenance: give indication of when should clean the plates and change the gaskets per our expertise. ​
  • Performance optimizer: guide on how operate, service and redesign to reach the best performance, and reduce operational costs and CO2 emission.​
  • Remote support: instant data allows our experts to stay close to you anytime, to avoid breakdowns and maximize your asset health.

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Do you want to avoid unplanned maintenance? Improve reliability to increase uptime? And maximize performance to reduce operational costs?

Making efficiency last for decades

A poorly functioning heat exchanger may affect safety, product quality and energy costs. Failure may lead to costly downtime and major losses in production. By regular and proactive maintenance of your gasketed plate heat exchanger performance is preserved and operations kept trouble-free and predictable.

We have the expertise to help you whether you experience a problem today, wish to prevent future issues or want to solve the problem yourself with our online troubleshooter.

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Servicii pentru optimizarea eficienței energetice

În fiecare an, numărul de schimbătoare de căldură pe care le deservim pentru a optimiza eficiența energetică reduce nevoile de capacitate ale clienților noștri cu 50 GW. Aceasta este cantitatea de energie care poate fi generată de 10.000 de turbine eoliene în același interval de timp.

În ceea ce privește emisiile de carbon, 50 GW se traduce printr-o reducere cu 25 de milioane de tone a amprentei noastre globale sau a emisiilor de carbon emise de orașul Londra în fiecare an.

Imaginați-vă ce am putea realiza dacă industriile lumii și-ar întreține în mod regulat schimbătoarele de căldură cu plăci pentru a optimiza eficiența transferului de căldură.

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